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La Grande Classe

Illusione La Grande Classe

La Grande Classe by Illusione is a masterclass in how to blend exceptional tobaccos into a one-of-a-kind cigar that's unforgettable. As soon as you light one of these gems you know that you're holding something special.

Introducing ‘La Grande Classe.’ Like many rareities in gem market, so is La Grande Classe Cigars – an exclusive of F U M A R E . Each batch of exquisite cigars will be a limited run of sizes and blends created by lauded blender Dion Giolito. All tobaccos will be personally chosen from the finest fields in Nicaragua, graded and aged for superior performance.

La Grande Classe gives the client unprecedented access to a true small-batch run of cigars made with superior grade tobaccos in both unique sizes, and different flavor profiles. Le Grande Classe is an extremely rare product at the highest caliber of performance, flavor and construction.

La Grande Classe Tasting Notes:  Gritty Earth, Caramel, Leather, Christmas Spices, Brown Sugar, Fruit

La Grande Classe Intensity: Medium



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La Grande Classe by Illusione

Tasting Notes: Gritty Earth, Caramel, Leather, Christmas Spices, Brown Sugar

Intensity: Medium

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